Top Things To Do When You Choose A Homestay Plan For Your Vacations

When traveling to your destination, you can choose a number of options from as far as your accommodation is concerned. You can choose to have a homestay plan or book a hotel. Each of these options comes with its benefits and downsides.  

However, if you choose a homestay plan, you can import some of the benefits you would get from the hotel accommodation. In short, homestay plans can give you an amazing experience.  

To get started, you need to get a perfect house where you would spend your vacation. One of the best ways to get a perfect house is by checking homestay platforms such as Airbnb. These platforms will give you different options for your stay around your destination.  

And once you have identified the best homestay house, then the next thing would get everything else right. This will determine the kind and amount of fun that you’ll get from the house you choose to spend time in.  

If you are not sure what needs to be done, then don’t worry. This article will share with you the top things you need to do after choosing a homestay plan for your next vacation.  

  • First Decide Where You’ll Get Your Meals From  

The first thing you need to put in mind is determining where you’ll get your meals. It’s the first thing you need to consider. Do you want to cook, get meals from a hotel, order deliveries, or hire a chef?  

This is a critical factor to consider. This is because the food will determine how you’ll enjoy every moment you spend during your vacation stay.  

So, make a decision. One of the best ways is to either cook if you have time. Alternatively, you can hire a personal chef to prepare your meals.  

  • Think About Cleaning  

Who will keep the house tidy for you, or how do you intend to do the cleaning? Of course, this factor is determined by how long you wish to spend on the premises. If you want to stay for a single day, then you don’t have to worry about cleaning. But if you are spending more days in the house, you need to think about who will clean after you.  

Do you hire professional cleaners or you have time to do it? Also, think about whether you’ll need laundry for your clothes during your stay. Then make your decision based on this information.  

  • Your Supplies  

You need supplies to keep you in the house. Most of the home plan set-ups don’t come up with meal options. And this is why you need to factor and budget all supplies that you would need to use on your vacation.  

Some of the supplies that you need include foodstuff and toiletries. Ensure you have everything that you would need to get everything right.  If you’re a nutrition head like us, you probably travel with your kit full of protein powder and nutraceuticals. We recommend traveling with our favorite brand of herbal supplements. Click here to see why we like them so much.

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To get the best from your travel, ensure you factor in everything you need to enjoy your homestay experience.  …

Top Reason Why You Need To Hire A Chef When You Travel To New Destinations

Traveling is an exciting experience. When it comes to visiting a new place, you carry a load of expectations. You come up with a list of things to do every day to enjoy your stay. And if you’re like most travelers, your list can be bigger than the time you have. 

However, when you travel, you can’t do everything. But to ensure that your vacation is not disturbed, you need to sort where you would get your food from. One of the best ways to get food for your travel is to get a chef to prepare everything you need. This is perfect, especially when you’re traveling with a group.   

If you’re not yet sure if you need a chef for your travel, then this article will share with you some of the reasons why you should hire a chef when you travel to new destinations.  

Let’s dive deeper.  

  • Enjoy Your Destination Local Meals  

When you travel, you want to emerge yourself to the local culture. If you’re like most travelers, you want to enjoy everything that the local area offers. And one thing is their food.  

If you want to taste the local cuisines without worrying about preparing, get a chef. If possible, get a local professional chef. With your help, they will recommend and prepared different local meals. It can even be fun if you spare some time to learn how to prepare some of these meals from the chef. 

This is better than trying to prepare the meals for yourself. And when you buy them from a restaurant, you won’t appreciate and apply techniques to prepare it. Because this is part of your travel that you need to enjoy.  

  • Eat Professionally Prepared Meals  

Professional chefs have a way of preparing and presenting every meal they prepare excitingly and dramatically. It’s an experience on its own. An experience that you wouldn’t want to miss when you travel.  

And the best way to get this experience is by hiring your personal chef. You can watch them prepare and present the meals to you. You’ll learn a lot and enjoy meals that you couldn’t hack to cook on your own.  

  • Learn New Recipes  

If you find motivated chefs, they will be glad to allow you in the kitchen. Together they will help you try to cook different meals. In the end, you would have learned a recipe that you can try when you go back home.  

  • Enjoy Every Moment of Your Travel  

Something else you need to do is enjoy every second you spend on your travel. You should ensure that you don’t waste any time. And when you outsource your cooking to a chef, then you will have all the time to chase other travel lists and options.  

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If you want to enjoy your vacation and meals simultaneously, then hire a professional chef to get it done for you.  …

Hidden Benefits of Treating Your Chef Well When You Travel

When you travel, the one thing you need to get right is where you’ll get your food. This is because food alone can determine the experience you’ll have during and after your vacation. And that’s why no chances should be taken when it comes to getting food.

One of the best ways to get your food when you travel is to hire a professional chef to prepare your meals. You need a chef who understands what you want and how you want it done.

And most importantly, if you want to have a good stay and enjoy nice meals, then you should treat your chef well. This is because, just like anyone, if your chef is well treated, he/she will perform at her very best.

This is why we will share some of the hidden benefits of treating your chef well in this article. You might not be aware of some of these benefits, but they matter a lot in ensuring you get the very best from your chef.

Let’s Get Started.

You Get Well Cooked Meals

Anyone and everyone perform better when they are at their optimum moods. And the first thing that you need to do when you travel on your vacation is to create a good relationship with your chef. Let them know you value their work and appreciate the good work they are doing.

When you treat your traveling chef well, they will give you the best meals. They will prepare every meal with all passion and zeal. In the end, you’ll enjoy meals that you haven’t tasted ever before.

But when your chef is upset, they will do bad work. You’ll always find something amiss in the meals that they have prepared.

So, if you want to get the best from your chef, treat them well.

Get Suggestions on the Best Meals

When your chef is happy about how you treat them, they will be glad to share with you new suggestions. You might be having a rough idea of what you need, but the chef can spice it up. But this can happen only when you have a friendly relationship with the chef. This is the only way they would be willing to give you a better experience for your stay.

But if you don’t treat the chef well, they will just prepare what you ask without giving any helpful suggestions. In the end, you will miss out on getting a great experience.

Eat Safe Meals At All Times

We are all humans. No one likes it when we are treated badly. And worst of it all, we all react differently when we are upset. The fact that you are trusting your food on a chef that you don’t know, you must be careful with how you treat them. You need to get safe food at all times.

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So as part of your travel planning, hire a chef, treat them well and be sure they have all the resources they need. The resultant meals will make the return on investment in extra staff a remarkable one. …

Top Mountains To Climb In East Africa

Climbing mountains gives a sense of fulfillment that cannot be felt when you do any other activity. Every time you scale the summit, you feel like a conqueror. And that’s why most people can’t get over climbing mountains. 

So, if you love mountains, then you should head to East Africa. Plan a tour within the East African countries and plan to scale the amazing mountains that this destination offers. From Kenya to Tanzania, you’ll be treated with the tallest mountains in Kenya. Two of these mountains have a snow cap, something you would wish to enjoy in this environment. 

Other mountains offer amazing views and breathtaking nature and history. The good news is that there are different hills and mountains, each with amazing features any mountain climber would admire. But the fact is that you can’t climb all the mountains. That’s why you need to know the best mountains and hills out of all that you’ll find in East Africa. 

This article will share with you the top mountains to climb when you visit East Africa. 

Let’s get started. 

  • Mount Kenya 

Located in Central Kenya, it’s the second-largest mountain in the region after Mount Kilimanjaro. The mountain has one of the best climbing terrains. You can choose different routes that would lead you to different summits on the mountain. 

The mountain has a snow cap despite it being located in a warm region. And like most of the tallest mountains in the world, you’ll need to be medically fit to climb to the top summit. But if you just want to reach the shortest peaks, then you’re free to visit and climb. You’ll enjoy every summit that you reach. 

  • Mount Longonot  

This is yet another breathtaking mountain from Kenya. It’s one of the most climbed mountains in the region. Thanks to the view it offers to its climbers. The mountain is not as high as mount Kenya. The mountain is located in the Rift valley. When you climb to the top, you’ll have a great and amazing view of the spectacular rift valley. You’ll see the valley at the top of the mountain as it stretches from the top of the country to south—a breathtaking view. When you visit East Africa, you can miss climbing all other mountains but this one can’t be skipped. 

  • Mount Kilimanjaro 

We close our list with the tallest mountain in the region. It’s the second tallest mountain in the world and one of the easiest to climb. It has friendly terrains both for professional and hobby mountain climbers. In 6 days, you would be up on the peak. Just like Mount Kenya, Kilimanjaro has a peak on top of it. It’s a mountain that you should put into your bucket list for your next travel. 

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Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Kenya, and Mount Logonot offer the best experience when it comes to climbing mountains. When you got to East Africa, ensure you climb one, if not all of them. You’ll love the experience.